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Time to get alarmed

Does your house look the kind that gets broken into? Sadly, nowadays, with so many opportunist burglars there is no such thing as a house that is unlikely to be broken into, as we all have portable, saleable items which this kind of thief wants.

Just consider this, in Britain there are around 8,000 burglaries a day, and the average time spent in the property is less than six minutes. The opportunist thief is the kind of person thaProtecting your propertyt wants to grab something that can be sold and be away as quickly as possible, so if a house looks like an easy target, that’s probably what it is.

Concern that installing an alarm is advertising that you have something worth stealing just isn’t the case - we all have something worth stealing! If you have a TV, computer, hi-fi… you have something worth stealing.

If you have already had your home broken into, you may think that the likelihood of it happening again becomes less, sadly that is not the case. Statistics show that once a property has been targeted, it is likely to become a victim again.

What can I do to protect my home?

Getting a home burglar alarm fitted into your home could help deter a burglar, and give you more peace of mind.

Avoiding a burglar breaking inA burglar doesn’t want to be caught so if they see an alarm mounted on the wall they may well go somewhere else - where it is one less problem to contend with. Home burglar alarms are accepted as being a major deterrent - a home without one is three-times more likely to be broken into than one which has the protection.

If you are concerned that the alarm going off will be a nuisance to your neighbours well… they have probably already seen the light and got one themselves (click here for legislation on the time alarms are allowed to ring*). Home security is taken very seriously for many householders, and look for better ways of protecting their home and belongings.

How do alarms work?

Zones within your home are monitored by a control unit. If a door or window being opened is detected an external alarm (either a bell or siren) will sound, some systems also use flashing lights to produce more effect at night - highlighting which house has been entered.

Using a monitored system sees an alert sent to a monitoring station who either contacts the police or calls a key holder. See monitored systems on our Alarm Types page.

There is a range of detectors which can be used within your home to trigger the system in case of a forced entry. They include:

• Passive infra-red sensors which will sense movement, or movement and heat
• Magnetic contacts on doors and windows which are activated when they are opened, and
• Detectors which sense glass breaking.

When an alarm is triggered there is the option for it to automatically ring a monitoring station, please also read our Alarm Types for more details.

Burglar alarms can be used to protect your home, garage, sheds, motor homes and caravans.

Protecting your home, valuables and belongings – Securing your property

There are various ways of protecting your property by the types of fitted or DIY (Do it yourself) burglar alarms available, which will all help to improve your home security. To find out more about the various home burglar alarm packages available then please visit our Alarm Brochure Request page.

Just Burglar Alarms – Helping you to secure your home and protecting your property.

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